Craviotto Solid Shell Snare Drums
Works of Art For Working Drummers
Many collectors prize Craviotto drums. We're flattered. Craviotto Custom Shop drums are unique, featuring extraordinary rare or figured woods, special finishes, and custom sizes. The Craviotto Lake Superior maple and birch limited edition snares, presented by Drum Workshop, became modern legends. The stunning birdseye maple, rich real mahogany, vibrant cherry, and bold ash of the Craviotto limited edition drums makes each a visual treat. But all Craviotto drums are made to be played, with fittings built to Johnny's exacting, "working drummer" specifications, and supplied with throwoffs, such as the Trick GS 007 and the Dunnett R Class, that are sturdy, swift, silent, and state-of-the
-art. Craviotto drums combine the best of vintage sound and classic design with modern durability. Craviotto Unlimited snares take the working drummer ethic to the highest level. Works of art? Yes. Delicate flowers? Absolutely not. Craviotto Unlimiteds feature One piece Eastern Hardrock maple shells for rock solid sound and reliability, matching reinforcing rings, Remo Ambassador heads, Craviotto Diamond Cast Lugs and custom snares, Dunnett R Class throwoff, sturdy gig bag, key-and a spare head and set of sticks. These drums live to gig, and are priced with working musicians in mind. Definitely NOT for display purposes only. Craviotto Unlimited Series Solid Shell Snare Drums

Craviotto Unlimited Series Solid Shell Snare Drums
Developed to provide drummers with an extraordinary alternative for everyday situations, the new Unlimited Edition solid-shell maple snare drum from Craviotto is the one drum for all occasions. These superbly crafted instruments are created from a single piece of hand-selected, premium-grade North American maple and combine their classic solid-shell design with Craviotto’s proprietary bending, curing and finishing processes.This unique combination of methods and materials not only ensures the strength and stability of the shell, it also gives the drum its distinctive and highly desirable warmth, depth and sensitivity. In addition to Craviotto’s legendary solid maple shell with matching top and bottom reinforcing hoops and precisely applied bearing edges, each Unlimited Edition drum features exclusive “Diamond” cast lugs, badge and butt-plate. A rich, hand-rubbed natural satin oil finish further enhances the drum’s overall appearance and performance.

The Unlimited Edition’s extensive list of standard equipment also includes chrome-plated, heavy-gauge, triple-flanged counterhoops, Dunnett R Class Throw Off, deluxe snare wires, top-quality Ambassador® drumheads by Remo, and a Craviotto drumkey. All Unlimited drums are shipped in a specially-designed, reinforced cordura drum bag.

Now available at leading drum shops in your choice of color and size options–including the new 5.5x13”, and 6.5x13” models–the Craviotto Unlimited solid-shell maple snare drum is a great, all-around “workhorse” that’s well-suited for any musical style. In fact, with its unsurpassed quality, consistency and versatility, the Unlimited Edition’s sound and performance possibilities are– as its name clearly states– unlimited.


Craviotto Limited Series Solid Shell Snare Drums
The Limited Edition Snare Drum Collection are the flagship drums of the Craviotto Drum Co., and consist of high-performance and highly collectible solid-shell snare drums, made from exotic woods. American Ash, Birdseye Maple, Black Cherry and Mahogany allow a distinctive quality of sound and response to emerge due to the organic variety in the grain pattern and density and mass of each board. The rarity and limited availability of these exotic woods is what makes these drums Limited, with only 250 sequentially numbered drums of each collection produced.

American Ash is a hard, strong yet relatively easy to process wood that has rarely been used in drum manufacturing - despite its availability, ease of use and excellent tonal characteristics. Perhaps its inclusion as one of the four select wood types in the Craviotto Limited Edition snare drum collection will help establish it as a mainstream material for drum construction, as well. Craviotto Limited Edition American Ash snare drums with matching reinforcing hoops are available in a choice of two traditional sizes and, along with their lightning-fast stick response, both drums possess a clean, penetrating sound that is slightly darker and drier than Maple yet brighter and fuller than Birch— creating a unique collection of drums that offer a level of performance that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The natural individuality of pattern and appearance found with Birdseye Maple complements the wood's tonal personality and makes each drum even more unusual and unique - not only from other woods, but from one another. The Birdseye Maple snare drums are acclaimed for their unsurpassed visual beauty as well as their uncommon consistency, stick response and articulation. Its tonal character features a well-balanced blend of low-end body, midrange focus and high-end crack. This drum is fitted with matching reinforcing hoops.

Cherry wood has traditionally been chosen for cabinets, furniture and interior trim. In addition to becoming increasingly popular for home, office and automotive use, musical instruments made from Black Cherry wood have also experienced a growth in demand. The ruddy, reddish-brown color of the wood provides a distinctive appearance while its hardness and density contribute to its highly desirable tonal properties. The impressive aesthetic and acoustic qualities of Cherry wood are further enhanced by they care and superior workmanship that goes into all Craviotto solid-shell snare drums. The Black Cherry snare drums, fitted with matching reinforcing hoops, offer a bright, high-pitched focused sound with the sensitivity, tone and response that is well-suited for a wide variety of classical and contemporary musical applications.

The Mahogany snare drums have a distinctively dark, earthy tonal quality derived from the more porous, less dense wood that naturally filters the instrument’s high frequencies. The Maple reinforcing hoops are used as a way to help counterbalance the Mahogany’s prominent lower overtones— stabilizing the shell, raising the pitch and increasing its projection without sacrificing its unique tonal tendencies.

Each drum in the Limited Edition Snare Drum Collection features hand-selected, handcrafted shells and gleaming nickel-plated hardware along with premium-quality components including Craviotto's "Diamond" tube lugs, Remo Ambassador drumheads and Puresound 21-strand snare wires. All drums come with a heavy-duty, padded Craviotto drum bag, and Trick GS 007 strainer. Options include a choice of heavy-gauge (2.3mm) triple-flanged Vintage style straight or diecast counterhoops and natural satin oil or high-gloss lacquer finishes.

Craviotto - USA / AK Drums - Italy
The Craviotto Diamond Series COPPER Snare Drum

In partnership with AK Drums-Italy, Craviotto Drum Company will offer a limited number of these exceptional COPPER snare drums. Fifty (50) of the 5.5 x 14 and Fifty (50) of the 6.5 x 14 Diamond Series COPPER Snare Drum will be produced. Each drum will have it's individual number engraved inside the shell. Built with Johnny Craviotto's trademark snare-bed and signature hardware - The Craviotto Diamond Series COPPER Snare Drum will be the diamond crown jewel of your snare drum collection.

Hand-Crafted, Solid COPPER shell NEW Craviotto/AK Three Point Diamond Strainer Craviotto Signature Nickel-Plated Diamond Badge, Diamond Brass Tube Lugs, Diamond Butt-Plate and Heavy-Gauge 2.3mm Triple-Flanged Steel Counterhoops Craviotto Custom High-Carbon Snare Wires Remo Coated Ambassador Batter and Clear Ambassador Snare-Side Drumheads.


Craviotto Concert Series Snare Drums

Craviotto Drum Company, in partnership with Bill Platt (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra), is now offering four models in their Concert Series snare line. These drums feature Craviotto's legendary one-ply steam bent shell + exclusive concert snare wires (cable, gut, and wire) & concert-customized Trick GS007 throw-off. The Craviotto Concert Series includes traditional 5.5x14" / 6.5x14" sizes, with the addition of new 8x14" and 12x15" Field Drum offerings. These drums offer the concert player depth, sensitivity and clarity for all classical and contemporary situations. Each drum features a hand-crafted solid "one-ply" maple shell, exclusive diamond inlay, Craviotto's signature diamond tube-lugs, heavy gauge 2.3mm counterhoops, and Remo drumheads.

For more information on the Craviotto Concert Series, please contact your local Craviotto Drum Company Dealer, or contact Craviotto Drum Company direct: / 831-763-0855


Solid Shell Sets
Craviotto Custom Shop & Classic Series

Despite sporadic attempts, and a few isolated prototypes, no drum manufacturer has succeeded in producing solid shell drumsets for the American market-until now. This is hardly surprising. For example, the machinery necessary to steam bend, mold, lathe, turn and finish round single ply bass drum shells, that will stay true, has proven an especially daunting task, considered to be impractical, and too costly for production purposes. Premium boards large enough to be fashioned into the 22" and 24" bass drums now finding renewed favor are scarce, and transforming them into musical instruments is a daunting process. Johnny Craviotto thinks its worth it. When you play a Craviotto kit, whether you favor Craviotto Classic traditional jazz sizes, the Custom Shop's thunderous Big Band sizes, or the progressive, streamlined Craviotto Custom Shop & Classic Series, we think you'll agree: nothing else sounds like a one ply kit.

Craviotto Classic and Craviotto Custom solid shell drumsets feature Craviotto’s signature natural solid wood shell in their selection of Bass, Tom & Snare drums. It’s the Sound that counts... Craviotto Drum Company’s solid shell construction creates the tonal balance revered by engineers and artists, regardless of the size, dimensions and specifications.


Custom Shop Series
The Craviotto Custom Shop offers a complete selection of Maple and Exotic wood shells, sizes, hardware and finishes. Each superbly-crafted, one-of-a-kind set includes your personalized specifications and a certificate of authenticity along with a consultation with master drum builder Johnny Craviotto, himself. For pricing and availability contact an authorized Craviotto Drum Co. Dealer.

Bass 14”x24”
Snare 8”x14”
Rack 9”x13”
Floor Tom 16”x16” 16”x18”

Custom finishes and other features are available at additional cost.
Please refer to your nearest Craviotto Drum dealer for more information.

Craviotto Classic Series
Designed for the traditionalist, this series features standard sized drums with the distinctive Craviotto natural wood tone.

Bass 14”x18”
Rack Tom 8”x12”
Floor Tom 14”x14”
Snare Options: 4”x14” 5.5”x14” 6.5”x14”

Custom finishes and other features are available at additional cost.
Please refer to your nearest Craviotto Drum dealer for more information.

Create Your Set
Craviotto Custom Shop & Classic Series
Create your personal Craviotto solid shell drum set by selecting the series and desired sizes (see size chart for options) of Bass, Floor Tom and Rack Tom drums. Expand the set with a choice of snare drum options. All Craviotto solid shell drumsets are equipped with Craviotto Diamond clamps and memory locks, Gauger Rim Baskets or Rim System, Floor Tom legs, Remo Ambassador Heads, Craviotto Bass Drum Spurs (holders and mounts not included) and are finished in a natural satin oil finish.
Lacquer, Wrap, or Natural Wood... We'll create your Craviotto Solid Shell Kit, to your specifications...
 Today, with the launch of the Craviotto Drum Company, Johnny continues to both refine and redefine the art and science of solid-shell drum construction. The perfect balance of old and new, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and performance— or as close to perfect as humanly possible— Craviotto’s Limited Edition Solid-Shell snare drums are sure to accomplish something that only a handful of truly exceptional drums have ever been able to do: simultaneously raise the bar for drum makers and drum players.

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