Eucatape is Eucalyptus infused hand drumming tape that helps prevent bruising,
cools the hands as you play, and heals due to its natural anti-inflammatory.

PROTECTS: Eucatape will help you avoid bruises and blisters due to drumming.
If you are able to calculate the amount of times you strike your drum in one sitting,
than that is repetitive stress that your hands have to endure. With Eucatape you
are protecting your hands from that stress.

COOLS: The cooling sensation created by Eucatape is phenomenal. It’s like getting
 aromatherapy as you play your drums. As you play drums you feel looser and
 ready to play for hours.

HEALS: The Natural Anti - inflammation in Eucalyptus comes through like a champion
 as you play the drums. Your hands heal as you play!

  • Eucatape
  • Eucatape
  • Eucatape
  • Eucatape


Eucatape Hand Drumming/Stick Tape


• Eucalyptus infused tape
• Perfect for hand drumming and drumstick
• 10 yards long / 1.5 inches wide
• Blue color




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Wrap two times around in #each spot to insure maximum protection



Three step application (for two areas on fingers)

Step 1: Rip a small piece from the roll 3-4 inches




Step 2:  Split that piece down the middle


Step 3:  Apply to fingers where needed



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