KBrakes are an anchoring system for a kick drum (on a drum set) that keeps the drum in place while it’s being played.



PART # KB512
(set of 2)

KBrakes 512 has 256 stopping points per side and are designed to lock your kick drum in place to stop the ever annoying problem of the bass drum creep.

180º rotation capabilities that allow KBrakes to stay attached to your drum and fold flat for easy packing the drum into it’s case.

Keeps your spur tips suspended giving your kick drum full range frequency.
Designed to fit 99% of modern and vintage kick drums on the market.

Gives your kick drum a larger foundation on which to play that creates maximum stability and volume.

Locks down 10mm floor toms and suspends legs and allows full maximum volume.



(set of 3)

The only portable anchors designed specifically for Hi-Hat, Cymbal, Snare and Hardware stands to stop your kit from moving, walking, sliding or creeping.

Stays attached to your hardware and stands for easy loading on and off stage.

Great for also locking down those “different” and “spring loaded” kick drum spurs like Ludwig square vintage spurs, Sonor, Yamaha, Tama, SJC, Pearl Master Series and more.


(set of 2)

Attaches to KBrakes 512 and KBrakes HiStops and allows drummers to play on Hard Surfaces such as wood floors, cement, tile, linoleum and more without a rug.

Equipped with a cleanable non-slip washable tacky bottom that locks your drum kit in place on any hard surface.

The perfect add on accessory for a clean aesthetic looks and great for drummers that are tired of lugging around a dirty drum rug from venue to venue or want the choice to not play on a drum rug.

To clean Grips and keep tacky use soap and warm water and let air dry.

Can stay attached and fold flat with your KBrakes 512 for easy packing your drum in its case.

Set of 2 comes with reusable covers to keep bottom clean and sticky for use over and over again.

Space Lemon,
The Menstruators
Alicia Warrington
Kate Nash , Gore Gore Girls , Independent
Andrew Cook
Dan and Shay

Ben Lieber
Head North
Ben Vaughan
Bleak Falls
Blake Ritterman
Independent Drummer
Brad Moxey
Evergreen Terrace
Tyler Rice
Chris Hornbrook
Senses Fail, Poison The Well, Big Black Delta
Corey Manske
Modern Bronze, The
Elizabeth Kill
Dan Silver
Stone Deaf
Scott Stapp
Dave Chase
Scot Little Bihlman
Emmy Award Winning, Independent Drummer
Eric Ellis
Steve Rivers Band
Herman Winkler
Hillbilly Rockstarz
Jono Diener
The Swellers, Braided Veins
Justin Allen
Natural Wonder: Stevie Wonder Tribute Band

Josh Berrios
Milla Santana, American
 Jettison, Funk Factory
Justin Malek
Kris Mazzarisi
LMFAO, RedFoo, Matthew Koma
  Matt Covey
Such Gold, Young Pandas,
The Hempsteadys




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