Pure Sound Snare Wires

Available in a wide selection of models, Puresound Custom Snare Wires are specially designed and handcrafted to enhance the tone, articulation, sensitivity and projection of a full range of custom and production-line snare drums. Puresound snares are made from exclusively formulated steel-alloy wires which are coiled and heat-treated before being uniformly hand-soldered to vintage-style, polished copper end clips. Finally, to protect them from corrosion without adversely affecting their sound, Puresound wires are sealed with a light coat of clear lacquer and individually packaged with both string and mylar straps for mounting.


Due to these unique designs, materials and manufacturing methods, Puresound’s classic Custom and Vintage snare wires are more consistent, more durable and better sounding than conventional wires – achieving optimum sound and performance in any musical setting. But, because Puresound is a snare wire specialist, several series of newly designed, specialized models have also been created to provide contemporary drummers with a variety of unique tonal options and performance levels. Puresound Equalizer, Varitone and 221 snare wires alter the number of strands and their position in relation to the snare bed, the weight of the wire or the type of coil pattern to allow more extreme levels of tone, spread, clarity, response and range.

Choosing the right set of snare wires has always been one of the most effective (and least expensive) ways to change the sound of a snare drum. Now, with the expanded quality and selection of Puresound Snare Wires, it’s an easy way to improve your drum sound and performance, too.

Puresound Endorsers

Carl Allen (independent) Gerald Heyward (Blackstreet)
Bill Ashbaugh (N'Sync) Jim Keltner (LA studio)
Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band) Stephen Perkins (Methods of Mayhem)
Gorden Campbell (Earth, Wind & Fire) Joe Porcaro (LA studio)
Peter Erskine (independent) John "JR" Robinson (LA studio)
Jeff Hamilton (independent) Steve Smith (Vital Information)


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