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DG Cajons Zambo Snare Switch Cajon


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Category: Cajons

Zambo Snare Switch Cajon

Part # DGC05


MSRP $499.99

The Zambo is two Cajón’s in one! Originally developed as part of a commission from London’s Ensemble Bash, the Zambo features the patented DG Snare Throw-off, which allows players to quickly engage or disengage the snares depending on the sound they want.

DG Cajons Zambo Snare Switch Cajon


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

Founded in 2002 by drummer/percussionist Paolo DeGregorio, DG DeGregorio has quickly established itself as one of the premier artisan cajón makers in Spain.
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Zambo Snare Switch Cajon

Product Features

The snare tension can be fine-tuned via two small screws located opposite the throw-off knob. The snare mechanism itself features nylon-wound strings creating a mellower and earthier sound, in comparison to the steel-stringed Cajón. When the snares are disengaged, the Zambo takes on the sound of a typical Cuban Cajón, woody and almost bongo-like.

Zambo Snare Switch Cajon

Technical Specifications

Part NumberDGC05