TightScrew has solved the tension rod loosening problem forever. Stops delays in performance due to loosening. Helps prevent premature failure of drum

TightScrew, a product born out of necessity. Created by a drummer for

TightScrew has been tested and is recommended by discriminating professional drummers, manufacturers and percussionists.

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Will they fit My drums?

TightScrews will fit most American and Japanese drums. TightScrews will fit pre-1995 DW drums with 12-24 thread, and DW and Pacific Drums with "Truepitch" threads (supplied after late 1994). Be sure to specify DW rods for drums fitted with Truepitch (fine) threads (currently available in only 1 5/8" or 2" ). TightScrews do not fit Sonor products fitted with slotted head tension rods, but will fit Sonor products fitted with standard 12-24 thread tension rods.

How do I know what size to order?

Unfortunately, tension rod listings for many different drums over the years, have proven to be less than reliable. Therefore, we recommend that you simply remove one of your tension rods and measure the length from the shoulder (under the head including the washer) to the bottom end of the screw. Choose the closest of the 5 sizes we currently carry. For special orders, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: Slightly longer replacement is fine, but not shorter.

How many should I use?

We recommend using TightScrews on all lugs on a rim that has loosening problems. That method will enable you to have equal tuning tension and 'feel' while prolonging the life of your heads. However, if you are having problems with only a few screws on a given drum, or budget is an issue, try just replacing only the problematic rods. Remember, they will 'feel' different from the factory rods when you are tensioning them.You will still need to constantly re-tension the conventional rods if you are a heavy player.




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