Go Green with Ahead Drumsticks. They are recyclable.
Just mail your broken sticks and covers to us and
we’ll do the rest. Please contact us for more info

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New, Limited Edition “Lars Ulrich Scary Guy” Drumsticks From Ahead.

A cross between Ahead’s classic 5B and 2B models (16"x.595/58g and 16”x.595”/64g, respectively) and the popular Lars Ulrich signature stick (16.25"x.595/65g), the innovative stick maker’s new, limited edition, “Lars Ulrich Scary Guy" signature drumsticks feature a hand-drawn icon created by Metallica’s legendary drummer and Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame member. The sticks are now available in a choice of two models: the LU-SG Standard with silver logos (16"x.595"/64g) and the LU-SGL Light with red logos (16"x.595"/58g). The sticks carry a suggested retail price of $36.49 per pair and supplies are limited.

Offering modern drummers "Everything You Want From A Stick... And More.", Ahead Drumsticks are distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution, 800-547-6401.





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