Half of an old saying goes "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." The lesser known other half says "invention is the most sincere form of criticism." I think the existence of Dunnett Classic drums can attest to both of those adages. It's a big part of the reason why I started working with drums in 1978. As a drummer, I was unsatisfied with the products that were available and began modifying other manufacturer's shells and hardware, doing refinishing, bearing edges etc. It became a labour of lust. By 1994 I had designed, developed and built several prototypes based on my own rather unorthodox concepts, simple innovation and what I felt was lacking from existing products (including the creation of the planet's first titanium drum). Those prototypes ended up in the hands of some very capable drummers, producers and studio engineers. The positive feedback was overwhelming-as was the demand for more.

Mission Statement
To work with you, my fellow drummers and percussionists; to share my experience as a builder, to listen to you, your thoughts and ideas and respond; to create drums that are affordable, unique and personal. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please, read on.


GW845 George Way 845 Throw-Off w/Butt DUNNETT RBEC Dunnett R-Class Quick Release Butt End DUNNETT RMNT10 R-Class Rail Mount fits 10.5mm DUNNETT
RMNT12 R-Class Rail Mount fits 12.7mm DUNNETT
R7C 3-Position Vintage Style Throw-off   DUNNETT
RBDR BASS DRUM KICK RISER DUNNETT R4C 360 Swivel Throw- off w/ Dual Quick Release DUNNETT REK - All Colors RCCK10 R-Class 10.5mm Floor to 
RCCK12 R-Class 12.7mm Floor to Bass Conversion Kit DUNNETT
RSPZ10 R-Class 10mm Bass
RSPZ12 R-Class 12.7mm Bass Drum Spur DUNNETT
RCUC R-Class Utility Clamp DUNNETT REKM E-KEY Cast Metal, Chrome Finish, with Lanyard DUNNETT R4L Throw- off P10 Ludwig Retro, No Butt DUNNETT

RMWH1014 14"/10 Lug Hybrid Wood-Metal Hoop DUNNETT
RMWH814 8"/10 Lug Hybrid Wood-Metal Hoop DUNNETT




R Class Wood-Metal Hybrid hoops

Wood hoops are great - they just have one major flaw: they get hammered and eventually disintegrate. The patented WM hybrid hoop eliminates that problem, providing all the sonic benefits of wood with the durability of metal.
R bracket NEW!

The perfect tear-drop shape that blends with virtually any hardware. Lightweight
and simple to install, this mount includes matching memory lock.
R Class Bass Drum Spurs

R Class bass drum spurs represent the best “non-Pearl” / gull wing style option. Featuring simple sturdy construction with height adjustable tip. Available in either 10mm or 12.5mm sizes.
R Class floor tom legs NEW!

The perfect aesthetic match for the R Class bass drum spurs these floor tom legs
offer a unique adjustable soft durometer isolation mount tip for full resonance.
The tip can be adjusted to expose the slightly pointed metal end.
R Class Tom Rail Mount

The R Class rail mount is the simplest, lightest and sturdiest option available for
mounting single toms on bass drums. AVailable in 10mm and 12.5mm sizes, the rail is
part of the floor tom conversion kit, allowing smal toms to be mounted on floor
toms using the existing floor tom bracket.
R Class Floor to Bass drum conversion kit

This combination of R Class spurs, rail mount, hoop clamp and the LP388N bracket allow regular size drums to be complete configured into a smaller, more compact kit.
eKey NEW! US & Foreign patents pending

Finally! A drum made to fit your hand as well as your tension rods. The E stands for ergonomic and for eccentric. This perfectly balanced drum key allows for faster rod removal / replacement and extra levergae when required. Can be made to fit left or right hand. Available in heavy die cast or light weight styrene. A USB model of the styrene key will also be available shortly.
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