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NEW! GPI Stick Pods

Lockerz - Fastest, simplest way to "Lock In" your drum tuning , snares or toms, top or bottom, no need to replace or remove tension rods. Works with standard tension rods stamped or die cast.

Use it on that one "problem" tension rod on your snare drum (You know . . . that one that always loosens first, right under the hand that plays all the "back beats") or on all the tension rods on all your drums, top or bottom.

GPI Lockerz™ are a simple little part that can be "snapped on" your tension rods in seconds to prevent them from loosening. Lockerz™ can be easily removed for head changes, or leave them in place .

Lockerz™ work with most standard tension rods and standard die cast or stamped counter hoops, so there is no need to replace any hardware. (Sorry, but at this time Lockerz™ are not designed to be used with wood hoops . . . but we are working on a modified version!)



Resonance enhancing alloy construction. improved variable link alignment capabilities and designer color hardware anodizing means you'll sound better, look better and play easier.


Floor Tom Mounting system gives you the full clean sound from your floor tom that you have come to expect from the other R.I.M.S. mounted elements in your drum set .


The Stic Pod™ is designed to be as close to a drummer’s hands, both left and right, as possible without getting in the way of performing. An infinite number of adjustments of the Pod along with attachment options allows the drummer his own preference for the most comfortable positioning around the drum set.


GPI Lockerz™ are a simple part that can be "snapped on" your tension rods in seconds to prevent loosening. Lockerz™ can be left in place or removed easily for head changes.


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