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Alexey Doroshenko

Druga Rika | Ukraine

Despite the fact that the rock scene in Ukraine is relatively young, it’s just a legacy of the formation of professional musicians: since late 60s growing though in isolated reality, yet alongside with global subculture. Oleksiy Doroshenko (born 27 March, 1977, Zhytomyr, Ukraine) is definitely one of those talented incomers who took the rock walk of fame as his primary life-course. Since 12, his first experience as a drummer, Oleksiy’s never seen then in public with anything heavier in his hands than drumsticks. No wonder why «AHEAD Drumsticks» were and remain his choice for at least last decade of his musical activity till present time.

Unlike other allies with impressive lists of bands they tried with, Oleksiy was destined for an easier fate. In 1996, he joined a band of his soul-mate fellows once and for all, as it seems. Druga Rika (in Ukrainian: “second river”), since late 90s till now, remains at the leading position (*well,.. the second leading) in all-Ukrainian rock charts. Its discography comprises seven studio albums, up to thirty official videos so far; combined with unending busy touring around Ukraine and abroad.

Druga Rika quickly gained popularity due to a mere but killing formula: first, they make an alloy of plain but driving rhythm mixed with soulful and somewhat cryptic lyrics. Then vocalist targets every song, bullet-like, right in your brain using his deep-toned, electrifying voice...bang! Another direct hit! As a result, millions of conquered hearts… fans, in other words. However, as their musical compositions keep improving in manner and matter, each new album exalts Druga Rika on a higher wave of evolution.

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