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Igniting rhythm, inspiring creativity. BIG BANG distribution delivers premium drums, percussion equipment, and musical supplies. Fuel your musical journey with unparalleled quality and exceptional service since 1992.
Through the Power of Percussion, BIG BANG Distribution Strikes a Chord Worldwide.
Resonating with rhythm and sparking creativity, BIG BANG Distribution has emerged as a premier supplier of top-tier drums, percussion equipment, and musical essentials since its establishment in 1992. Our mission: to ignite the rhythm within every musician, enrich their musical journeys, and foster a global community of percussion lovers. We offer a vast array of premium drumming gear, spanning over 50 renowned brands, each a maestro in the realm of percussion. Our unwavering commitment is to provide unparalleled quality, groundbreaking innovation, and outstanding service, catering to musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.
Rooted in our love for rhythm and a staunch commitment to musical expression, we aim to fuel creativity and augment the drumming experience for artists at every skill level. We are backed by years of industry expertise, enabling drummers to unlock their potential and reach unprecedented heights of musical prowess. Since our inception, BIG BANG Distribution has carved a niche for ourselves based on trust, reliability, and a steadfast focus on the customer. We nurture enduring relationships with our brands, suppliers, and customers, facilitating a vibrant ecosystem that encourages growth, mutual success, and a collective adoration for percussion. Join us in our celebration of the art of drumming and become part of the pulsating force driving the rhythm of the music industry.
Unleashing the Power of Percussion
At Big Bang Distribution, our mission is to ignite the rhythm within every musician. We offer a dynamic range of premium drums, drumming equipment, accessories, and musical supplies, featuring over 50 renowned brands specializing in percussion. Our dedication lies in delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, and exceptional service to musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.
Empowering drummers, Fueling Artistic Journeys
Driven by our passion for rhythm and a deep-rooted commitment to musical expression, we strive to inspire creativity and enhance the drumming experience for professionals and amateurs alike. Our extensive product selection is backed by years of expertise and industry knowledge, empowering drummers to unleash their potential and achieve new levels of musical mastery.
Building Relationships, Fostering Growth
Since our establishment in 1992, Big Bang Distribution has built a solid reputation for unwavering integrity, reliability, and a customer-centric approach. We foster enduring partnerships with our brands, suppliers, and customers, creating a harmonious ecosystem that promotes growth, mutual success, and a shared love for percussion.

Join us in celebrating the art of drumming. At Big Bang Distribution, we believe that percussionists are the heartbeat beneath every song. We are dedicated to being a pulsating force behind the rhythm that drives the music industry.
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The Journey of
Big Bang Distribution
Becoming a Drummer

Bob Kasha, the founder of Big Bang Distribution, embarked on a remarkable journey that started with his love for drums. In 1971, he received his first drum kit, igniting a lifelong passion. With determination and a thirst for knowledge, Bob sought guidance from more than 15 drum teachers, honing his skills alongside his involvement in baseball and achieving the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts.

Sharing the Rhythm

Bob's talents as a drummer quickly blossomed, and at the young age of 18, he began teaching drums under the guidance of his original drum teacher. Word spread, and within a year and a half, Bob's student base grew to over 80 aspiring drummers. Recognizing the need for a centralized learning space, he assisted his teacher in opening a drum shop, seamlessly transitioning his students to the new studio.

During this time, Bob pursued a music degree at Cal State Northridge, where he auditioned for the highly competitive music department, earning one of only four coveted spots. However, Bob discovered that his true calling extended beyond being solely a music teacher. With a drive to broaden his horizons, he shifted his studies to business law, setting the stage for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Building Bridges in the Industry

Bob's journey continued to evolve as he opened his own music store, ABK Rocks. (Highlight the growth and expansion of the store here.) Through these ventures, Bob connected with renowned drummers and key players in the industry, establishing a solid reputation within the music community.

Revolutionizing Drumsticks and Distribution

An extraordinary opportunity emerged when one of Bob's drum students, Rick Grossman, sought his advice on drumstick design. Collaborating with Rick, Bob utilized his expertise to create the ergonomic drumstick—a game-changing innovation. Joined by Easton Sporting company, they introduced the AHEAD brand of drumsticks, marking the birth of Big Bang Distribution and establishing Bob as a visionary leader in the distribution realm.

Empowering the Music Community

Drawing on his extensive experience and values, Bob Kasha and the Big Bang Distribution team have created a company centered on personalized service and unwavering support. Their commitment to supporting retailers, customers, and manufacturers has earned them a reputation for being a reliable and respected presence within the industry.

The inspiring story of Big Bang Distribution showcases Bob's unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. From his humble beginnings as a drummer to the visionary founder of a renowned distribution company, Bob's journey exemplifies the values that underpin Big Bang Distribution—empowering musicians, building bridges, and fostering success.Through every step of the journey, Big Bang Distribution remains committed to being a dependable partner, providing quality products, exceptional service, and unwavering support to the music community.