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Ordering through our website is not the fastest or the cheapest way to get your hands on our products. Because we offer thousands of products, no single drum shop has the space to stock them all. You may have to wait for the drum shop that fulfills your order to place and receive an order with us, before they are able to ship your order to you. The Quivers system does not know which drum shop will fulfill your order at the time that you are placing it. You may be charged a shipping rate that will cover the shipping costs of a drum shop mailing your order all the way across the country. Please send us a message if you’d like us to put you directly in touch with a drum shop in your area to cut down on your shipping costs and lead times.

Quivers is an amazing system that connects brands that don’t sell directly to consumers with consumers that love the brands. Big Bang Distribution does not sell directly to consumers, and has partnered with Quivers to help support local drum shops and musical instrument retailers. We love drum shops and want them to be around forever, so we don’t compete with them. When you place an order through our website, the transaction is managed by Quivers and your order is shipped to you by one of our dealers (the drum shop closest to you that uses Quivers).

As soon as you are done placing your order, you will get an email from Quivers confirming that your order has been received. Your order will then be visible to all of the drum shops that fulfill orders for us using the Quivers system. If there is a drum shop within the system that has all of the items that you ordered in stock and ready to ship, that drum shop will accept your order and you will receive an email through the Quivers system letting you know that your order has been accepted. You will receive an additional email that provides the tracking info the moment that your order ships out to you. If there are no drum shops within the Quivers system that have the inventory to accept your order at the time that you place the order, we will work behind the scenes to get one of our drum shops the product in hand to fulfill your order as soon as possible. You can check your order status at any point in the cycle by logging in to your account.

Orders placed through our website will only ship to the continental United States. (If you live outside of the United States, please feel free to reach out for help finding a distributor or drum shop near you.) The shipping company that will be used to ship your order is at the discretion of the drum shop fulfilling the order. Because the Quivers system doesn’t know where your order will ship from at the time that you place it, the shipping rate that you will be charged may cover the cost of a drum shop shipping all the way across the country. You will not have the ability to request a different or faster shipping method after your order has been placed.

Please send us a message or give us a call if you are having any issues at all with any of our products. We are always happy to provide friendly and knowledgeable product support. This includes best practices and techniques for getting more life and longevity out of all your gear. If you believe that you have received a product with a factory defect and are seeking replacement, please be prepared to provide a copy of your receipt along with a written account and pictures or video that clearly illustrate the issue you are experiencing. If you are looking to return a brand-new unused product in its original packaging, we will likely advise you to return it to the drum shop that fulfilled your order.

If you were unable to find an answer to your question above, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via the form below. The Big Bang Distribution team is here to help.

We are always looking for artists that are knowledgeable and passionate about our products, and are currently accepting endorsement requests from artists performing original music. If you are interested in representing any of the Big Bang products, please fill out the form below. If we are enthusiastic about your answers, we will reach out to you with more questions.