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Angel Elias

Pro-fe-Cia, The Copy Cats, So-Cal Distortion, Krammpstein | United States

Began professionally playing in 1992 with Decomposed, which was a Death metal band I co-founded while in high school. The band was signed to Roughage Music shortly after being created after being discovered during an underground back yard party in LA. The music was created and written by the band and was placed on an EP by the record company...Also, in 1993, Roughage featured Decomposed on the The Heralds of Oblivion vol 1 compilation CD along with Demolition, Catalepsy, Brainstorm and Mutilage.

The band split up shortly after but the drumming never stopped and I went on to play for Idle/Madrepore/Monte Negro, Coatl and then with Pro-fe-Cia whom I co-wrote and recorded and toured Nationally and Internationally with.

In 2011, a hiatus from professional touring had been taken due to family issues but during that hiatus I kept playing independently with cover bands The Copy Cats and So-Cal Distortion as well as work on other side projects.

Currently I am very involved with side projects and am still playing with The Copy Cats and So Cal Distortion. In May, I reunited back with Pro-fe-Cia and immediately was off to shows in LA and the 2 Day Hell and Heaven Metal Fest in Guadalajara Mexico.

In December of 2013, a project band that I am part of, Krammpstein, played our first show at The Complex in Glendale and was sold out before we went on stage. We are excitedly anticipating our next shows during Krampus Season from here on out.

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