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Omega Dripp, ZIZ, bulb, MEGA HIGH BALL | Japan

Drummer for Omega Dripp, ZIZ, bulb and MEGA HIGH BALL.

Support drummer for Marty Friedman, Kabuki Rocks, Genta Harada, SPEECIES, and Sekainoowari at the Nissan Stadium.

Partnered with Moi Dix Moi and Jimmy's (guitarist, 44 Magnum) solo projects.

Performed with Soul Toru and the Akabane Orchestra.

Formed Now and Hears with Heesay (The Yellow Monkey), Lycoris with Emma (The Yellow Monkey) and MEGA HIGH BALL with Kiyoshi (bassist, Marty Friedman).

Joined Kaikigessoku (HIRO, Zeebra, Jesse (RIZE), K-A-Z (SADS)) performing at numerous music festivals, later releasing music and MV featuring Tetsuya Komuro.

Appeared in Madam Ray's MV, Zeebra's MV, Yuina’s MV, DOPPEL’s MV and in televised performances with Marty Friedman and Jyuichi Morishige (ex. Ziggy).

Played at Loud Park 2013 and SUMMER SONIC 2016, and Manga Party Expo in France.

Opened for Pretty Boy Floyd.

Drummer in a super band at memorial for Hide.

Recordings with Yuina, KEN.MORIOKA, Kaya, and DOPPEL.

Successful tours in Japan, Europe, and the US with Marty Friedman, ZIZ (Europe and Shanghai), Moi Dix Moi (Japan, France), SPEECIES (Europe), Yuina's Japan solo tour, KEN.MORIOKA’s solo tour, Kaya’s Japan solo tour, DOPPEL’s Japan tour, and Kozi’s solo tour (guitarist, Malice Mizer).

Will accompany Ziggy on their solo tour in April 2017.

Currently collaborating with numerous bands as a support drummer.

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