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Chris Hampson

Sinnergod | United Kingdom

Since the age of seven I’ve had an obsession with music, my father was a fantastic guitarist who both myself and my brother used to watch hours on end playing everything from The Shadows to The Beatles. Wanting to play an instrument myself, I decided my instrument of choice would be drums, and I’ve never looked back. Mainly influenced by hard hitters such as Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, I soon began to absorb their style of playing. Spending every spare minute my parents would allow, locked away in the shed at the back of the garden, blasting along to my favorite bands, all courtesy of my sisters portable cassette player.

Like most hard hitters, breaking sticks became a regular occurrence, then I discovered AHEAD. Performances became stress free, they made my drum set sound amazing and ultimately...they have the durability of a tank! 10 years down the line it still remains my drumstick of choice…there just isn’t anything else like it.

SINNERGOD are currently in the studio recording the follow up to 2013 ‘The Seven Deadly Sinphonies’ with its release set for October 2015.

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