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Chris Rodriguez

Carlos Y Los Cachorros | United States

"The moment I sit behind my kit, it's as though all the negativity in the world gets tuned out and it's just me and the band connecting with the fans one on one. Now that's an awesome feeling." –Chris Rodriguez

Born and raised in South Texas there was no hiding from the power of music. Since birth, Chris was surrounded by keyboards, trumpet, guitars, accordion, and drums, but behind the drums is where he landed every time. Chris has recorded numerous albums and traveled all over the United States and Mexico bringing thunder every time he sits behind his kit.

Since 2007, Chris has been touring along side his brother, Carlos, the lead singer and accordion player for the successful Regional Mexican group “Carlos Y Los Cachorros". This shirtless, tattooed drummer brings to the stage a high energetic presence and a unique style that is undeniable. He will pull you in and keep your attention as long as he is on stage. Although he is playing Tejano and Regional Mexican, he still fills the beats with his own heavy melodic taste setting him apart from the rest. Still in his twenties, Chris has already made a name for himself as one of the top drummers in Tejano music, and continues to climb the ranks to be one of The Best.

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