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Chris “Wombat” Womble

One Gun Shy | United States

Chris “Wombat” Womble has been a drummer since he was seven. His uncle Lance Fuqua, a studio session drummer based in Phoenix, AZ. gave him his first lesson and the juices just flowed from there. Schooled and trained, Chris played in his schools concert band. After high school he ventured down south to study drums full time. Chris graduated from Music School, has been signed by two major record labels, several independent labels and has toured the world several times. Synapse, Snake Alley, ACE, Milestone, Dysinformation, Agents Of Chaos are some of Chris's past groups. Chris is currently the Drummer/Percussionist/Songwriter and Co-Founder in the group "One Gun Shy". Look for their 2nd release “Solace” in early 2014. Chris’s major influence is All Drummers! Although if he had to single out a few it would be John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Carmine Appice, Tommy Lee and Shannon Larkin would be at the top of the list! The Drummer Drives! Chris has shared Stages and Legs of Tours with Aldo Nova, Eddie Money, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Great White, Dokken, Missing Persons, Foghat, Steppenwolf, Love Hate, Smile Empty Soul, Madlife, The Dreaming, just to name a few. So don’t forget to catch Chris and “One Gun Shy” Rocking at a Venue near you!

Chris “Wombat” Womble's GO-TO’S
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Ahead Armor Cases
I use AHEAD Drumsticks not only for their durability but for the way I feel after a performance. I am not physically drained like I would be using conventional drumsticks, meaning they seem to take a lot of the shock out of the hit. Drumming is very physical and frankly I feel really good after a performance. I have been using AHEAD Drumsticks, products and gloves for over 20 years. I found myself breaking sticks at every gig and feeling sore in my arms. A musician friend recommended AHEAD (Formerly Easton) Drumsticks to me because they are very durable. After picking up a pair for myself and playing with them for a couple of nights, I found that I didn't break them. The fact that I hit really hard and these did not break makes me want to tell everyone. Don't take my word for it, pick up a pair and choose for yourself. You'll be glad you did!
Chris “Wombat” Womble
One Gun Shy