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Daniel De Los Reyes

Zac Brown Band | United States


Those who have the pleasure of knowing Daniel de los Reyes can clearly identify that he exhibits, not only a vivid light from within, but a reflection of the drumming and percussion virtuosity that has surrounded him since birth. As certain as the stars are to shine at night, each dawn brings a bright new experience for Daniel, infused with equal parts ambition, focus, gratitude, and optimism.

Whether touring the nation as a band member with three-time GRAMMY Award - winning Zac Brown Band, embracing ingenuity with bold new inventions, or inspiring the masses with musical education, there is little that remains a constant in the tremendous life of this musical entrepreneur.

But, rhythm, percussion, passion, and persistence; these, you can count on.

The scion in a lineage of drummers and percussionists, Daniel has the musical history and chops, but it’s the rare mix of talent, gumption, and connections upon which he sets himself apart from his peers.

His resume is chock-full of performing and recording credits that run the gamut of those who respect and value the tremendous talent that is Daniel including Chicago, Don Henley, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jennifer Lopez, Peter Frampton, and Sheryl Crow…to name a few.

Family History

Four generations of virtuosity have contributed to the talent that is Daniel de los Reyes, no doubt. But, a good foundation is just that – meant to be built upon with inspiration, with gumption, and with good ‘ole fashioned elbow grease. With this, Daniel has created a store-house of experience, matched only by the lessons learned along the way. Shaping him into the visionary that will most certainly be his legacy, the rare and precise mix of intelligence, business savvy, personal connections, and guts has forever separated Daniel from the masses.

Daniel’s story is steeped in history, with four generations worth of musicianship. Daniels’ great-grandfather, Walfredo de los Reyes I, was the patriarch of what would become a lineage of talented musicians hailing from rhythm-rich Havana, Cuba. A doctor by trade, his passion for music was renowned, as was his zest for life. Together with his musically-inclined wife, Maria Faget Den Cause, Walfredo would instill this enthusiasm in his five children.

Walfredo de los Reyes II and younger brother Emilio would carry on this tradition as a trumpeters, singers, and founding members of the highly successful, legendary Cuban orchestra Casino de la Playa. Eventually they would form their own orchestra, bringing the upbeat and danceable music to the United States.

While still in residence in Cuba, Daniel’s father, Walfredo de los Reyes III went on to become (and remains) one of the most successful, influential, and well known drummers and percussionists in Cuban music history, with credits ranging from performances with such music icons as Josephine Baker, Celia Cruz, Israel "Cachao" Lopez, Bennie More, Omara Portuondo, Paul Anka, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, George Burns, Milton Berle, and Debbie Reynolds.

He is also one of the first drummers to ever incorporate the drum set with congas and other percussion, taking it to a level that would set a precedent that many famous drummers would follow.

Whether by instinct or circumstance, Daniel was drawn to percussion instruments from an extremely early age and his musical upbringing certainly didn’t happen by chance. From unlimited access to countless drum sets and percussion instruments, to open access to the best teachers imaginable, Daniel’s path seems not to have been one that Daniels has necessarily chosen, rather one that chose him. To say the least, he is certainly standing up to the de los Reyes name.

As part of a collaborative effort to preserve the rich history of Cuban music’s Golden Era, Daniel has also taken on the task of spearheading a project that promises to transport audiences back in time through a documentary-style journey into the music, the memories, and the culture that influenced music around the globe. Clave de Alma aims to forever preserve this important era and the incredible contribution from the de los Reyes family– a cause that is indisputably central to Daniel’s very being.

DayGLOW Music – The Vision

The spirit and creativity that has been Daniel’s constant since childhood, combined with years of amassed knowledge and his inherent passion for music, have brought DayGLOW Music™ to fruition and rendered this incredible concept a part of his reality. Nestled in the picturesque community of Fayetteville, GA, DayGLOW will serve as the basis of a development and training center incorporating music, specifically percussion instruments, as the main tools in an innovative youth music education and development facility.

The mission of DayGLOW Music™ is to incorporate percussion instruments, rhythms from around the world, dance, and vocals into a natural backdrop in inspiring youth to work together with respect and appreciation for one another. Through group participation and teamwork, participants will nurture harmony and creativity.

As awareness of the Camp grows, more and more people and companies are taking notice and becoming active participants in bringing DayGLOW to life. One of the first to take an interest was Caterpillar, a household name as an industry leader in building and construction equipment that has been instrumental in clearing the way for what Danny refers to as the “Rhythm Trails.”

These rhythm trails will serve as the pathways to a variety of musical experiences for DayGLOW students as they relate to both rhythm and instruments, as well as a deeper understanding of the culture from which they originate.

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