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David Pollizi

The Joe Davis Band | United States

At the age of 8, David started his drumming career by playing on pots and pans in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He took lessons and played on a small rubber practice pad for years. Once he put together a mix and match drum set he was on his way. He later joined a band playing in local clubs never putting aside his feelings that good practice habits were the way to success. Working on tempos and right hand-left hand coordination, he would push himself to practice the challenging music while still enjoying the fun music as well.



Laying down drum tracts in the studio and creating highly professional recordings.



During the 1980’s, David played in several popular bands In Cleveland. After taking two decades off from music to work on his business career, he returned to the studio to follow his heart. He has cut several recordings with accomplished musicians and award winning artists, and currently plays with the hard-hitting Joe Davis Band in North Carolina.



A drummer’s job is to steady the tempo, get a great feel of the bottom end and keep it tight. Not every song needs a drum solo. He feels that performing live shows where he can cut loose and feel the energy is one of the most rewarding feelings a drummer can experience.

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