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Dennis Burneleit

Ira Tenax | Germany

Dennis Burneleit was born in 1986 in East Berlin, Germany and started playing drums at 18. He later started drumming for well-known metal core band Exopan out of Berlin. During his six years with Exopan, Dennis recorded 1 LP and 3 EP's.

In 2011 Dennis joined the melodic death metal band Ira Tenax from Hanau, Germany. By 2014 Ira Tenax was signed by STF Records and released Portrait of the Fallen.

Dennis' characteristic drumming skills combine groove with technical, fast elements. His break beat playing is a clear watermark of his metal core history and creates one of Ira Tenax's various styles. Along with his drum work, Dennis is also the creative director for all Ira Tenax promotions.

In 2015 Dennis became a proud member of the AHEAD endorser family ready to rock the stages of the world.

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