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Frankieboi Aranda

Kumbia Kings | United States

An extremely humble professional touring & studio musician that goes by the golden rule of 'do unto otherz (treat otherz tha very way you would wanna be treated). All my life I have been all about tha art of music, something about creating it from tha ground up just captures me like crazy! ... I absolutely love about 99.9% of all genre’s of music, specifically; latin (wich waz one of tha very 1st genre’s I waz introduced to by my momma, whom was also a musician herself), also classic rock & metal (american & euro), country, alternative, blues, rap-hip-hop, oldies, because ‘old-school is most definatly tha very best school!! ... & I can also perform all I mentioned on drums/percussion. I come from a professional international latin market, grammy/grammy award-winning band/group called ‘kumbia kings de.a.b. quintanilla the 3rd, we are a platinum/gold selling album band, along with many-many other awards, wich I am extremely humbled by & thank the big-man upstairs for. Very very greatful for all I have achieved. So if bands in any of those pro-markets ever need someone such az myself for live touring or studio action, I’m here for you! I work fast & I am even a faster learner. I love to just keep thingz 3-ways, & that’s to just keep thingz all with pure positiveness, happiness & pure music life bby!!! ... God-bless alwayz to tha world/universe! ... (work hard, be great but be very-humble about it & u’ll never ever go wrong! ..... & alwayz remember : (next to the big-man upstairs & family, I “respect is everything!!!”)

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