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Galder Arrillaga

Su Ta Gar | Spain

Self-taught from the age of 14, he began to give his first drum hits thanks to be involved in a very musical ambience. The Basque rock band Delirium Tremens used to rehearse under his house, whilst the pop-rock band Itoiz did it also at a few meters distance, and so used to do others not so notable heavy bands which marked him much too.

He has always been under the extended shadow of his elder brother Borxa (founding member of the Basque heavy-rock band Su Ta Gar). This is the reason why he began to take music and drums classes at the time, firstly from him and later from others very outstanding drummers of the period. In 1987, when the band Su Ta Gar is born, Galder starts a different project, following the footsteps of his brother. This would be KTI, mixing the Trash-metal with the Basque language. Together with some distinguished musicians, they materialize a project that toured during a few years all through the Basque Country. They produced some recordings together and, at the same time, Galder collaborated with another new project called ‘Aiumeen Basoa’, which could be categorized as symphonic Death-metal. At the same time, he developed also battery-technician skills, with various bands. Always faithful to his desire of being where the music was... and keeping on with his bands!

On May 21st, 1995, his life would change, and that of his brother above all. Borxa suffered a serious accident, which left him paralyzed. That same day, Borxa asked to his brother not to permit Su Ta Gar stopping... Without hesitating, Galder left his other projects aside and worked from that day, exclusively, with Su Ta Gar.

20 years later, he keeps on music …always ready and waiting for more action! Since then, the band has never stopped touring, recording studio works, playing live... and above all, Galder himself has defended the position of his brother at the drums. Borxa has dedicated to manage everything related with IT (orders from the web, cover designs, posters, fan mail... etc.), and to write some very impressive songs.

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