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Gustavo Muñoz

Disidente | Mexico

Gustavo Muñoz started playing drums at age eleven. Taking what his brother originally taught him, Gustavo expanded his drumming technique by learning his favorite tunes and playing along with favorite drummers Jimmy Chamberlin, Robert Sweet, Tommy Lee and Dave Grohl.

Disidente has been a perfect outlet showcasing his rock-influences allowing Disidente to quickly stand out in the Mexico rock scene. Disidente has had many opportunities to perform with many internationally touring bands including Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins.

Gustavo has been busy in 2014 working on Disidente's second DVD and fourth studio album. Gustavo has also recorded other albums for various pop, rock and folk artists like Luke Castillo, Los Canibales, Gabriel Aury, Gastón, The Black Mambas, Los Olvidados and Ramon Velarde.

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I decided to try AHEAD Drumsticks after being unhappy with the unstable feel of wood drumsticks and the stressed wrists they caused after performing. My wrists and forearms definitely feel way better. I was highly surprised and love the fact that every pair feels exactly the same every gig. AHEAD Sticks are solid and straight. I´m so pleased with my new 5A AHEAD Sticks!
Gustavo Muñoz | Disidente
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