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TSP | Japan

Hina was found by Taiji, a former member of X and Loudness, and she is an original member of Taiji’s latest band, TSP.

No one would expect such powerful and showy play from her slim body.

She also plays an active part as a vocalist.

She was using wood drumsticks when she started playing drums, but she had more opportunities to play loud music and was recommended AHEAD Drumsticks.

She started using AHEAD 7A Drumsticks about seven years ago. She was shocked that it gave her such sharp, solid, loud sound and flexible rebound.

AHEAD Drumsticks are a must have for Hina to play loud music. She has played AHEAD Drumsticks for a mini-album MAD CLUSTER, the first album The Last Resistance of the Firebird, and a maxi single for TSP.

Hina's GO-TO’S
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