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Studio/Session Drummer | Japan

After many years of playing with many amateur bands, Jah-Rah's major debut was with Easy Walkers in 1994. They released 4 albums and toured until 1998. After the departure, Jah-Rah then collaborated with artists such as Yoshiro Kai, Robots, Love Psychedelico, Rolly, Ken Yokoyama and Tamio Okuda.

Jah-Rah currently plays with Lay-Run, Chabo Reiichi, and Tsuchiya Ranmaru Kohei. His drumming style, influenced by Charlie Watts and Al Jackson, is very tight, groovy, simple and accurate that it has gained him big respect in the drumming world.

Recording Artist for:

  • Tamio Okuda
  • Ken Yokoyama (Hi-Standard)
  • Robots (Takuya from ex, Judy and Mary)
  • The Flare (Sugizo from Luna Sea, X Japan)
  • Yoshihiro Kai (The Arrows, Nikiie, Aya Mizohuchi, etc.)

Live Artist for:

  • Love Psychedelico
  • Robots
  • Monsieur Kamayatsu
  • Eikichi Yazawa
  • Yoshihiro Kai / Kai Band
  • Lay-Run
  • Diamond Yukai
  • Kogure Shake Takehiko
  • Rolly
  • Ends
  • The Flare
  • The Arrows
  • Kurumi Enomoto

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