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Jimmi Kane

Independent | United States

When Jimmi Kane started bouncing on his rocking horse right on beat to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, his dad thought quickly and put some drumsticks in the 4 year-old’s hands! 24 years later, Jimmi is still pounding away. No matter what artist Jimmi is playing with, it’s hard to miss the shirtless, tattooed drummer. But Jimmi definitely isn’t asked to play for shock value alone. His ability to hold a band tightly together is obvious from the first downbeat.

Jimmi stepped onto the stage for the first time when he was 15, and immediately knew he never wanted to leave it. He has the rare ability to put a hypnotizing spell on the crowd with one glance. A mix of Tommy Lee and Travis Barker, he leaves the girls swooning and the guys wishing they had even half of his talent and charisma.

While touring with artists such as Krista (J Records), Thieves and Villains (Victory Records) and The Morning Of (Tragic Hero Records), Jimmi gained a loyal following that spans the country; a dedicated group of fans that will follow him wherever his career takes him.

If you’re looking for a drummer who exudes the “it” factor that only a true rock star possesses, look no further…Jimmi Kane is the one!

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