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Joey Jimenez

Siggno | United States

“Unofficially I’ve been tapping out beats since I was born,” says drummer and founder of JMZ Clothing Joey Jimenez. “At 9 months old my mom claims it was love at first sight.”

Powerful, fluid and rockin’. If you have ever seen one of Joey’s music videos or live shows, you understand that he is the heart and soul of his unit. Commanding the stage, Joey brings his musical knowledge and life experiences with sheer energy and no holding back. A highly respected drummer in the Latin/Regional Mexican music arena who was encouraged by his mother and inspired by his father, began his musical journey at the early age of 2 discovering his love and passion for drums.

“I never had what most would consider a normal childhood,” explains Joey. “That’s because I was born with the gift of rhythm…playing drums is not what I do, it’s who I am.”

A small town boy at heart, Joey Jimenez was born and raised in Seguin, TX and grew up idolizing drummer legends Tommy Lee, Neil Peart and Dave Weckel, to name a few. At age 5 Joey began playing drums professionally and by age 9 was performing, recording and touring with Grammy winning artists Selena and Chris Perez. In his 27-year professional drumming career, Joey Jimenez has learned to become prepared for every possible event. Joey has played in historical surroundings in Latin America, such as Palacios de los Deportes, Auditorio National, Foro Sol, Arena De Monterrey and a variety of stadiums and arenas throughout South and Central America. Massive venues in the USA include the Staple Center and AT&T Center. Along his travels, Joey has played with Xelencia (6 years), Mitico (4 years), A.B Quintanilla III y Los Kumbia Kings/All-Starz (7 years) while also working with Chako, Vanilla Ice and other renowned artists.

Today Joey enjoys a successful career with Latin Grammy Award winners Siggno in which he has been touring and recording with since 2011 throughout the US and Mexico. It is obvious the lineup became what it is today because musically, Siggno’s chemistry is as powerful as it is natural. “There’s an energy and trust that we have together that comes through in our music…we are family.” says Joey. High energy and deep roots in all types of Rock 'n' Roll, Joey has never shied away from any sound or genre and always takes an energetic approach on and off the stage. Because of his unique style, off the stage Joey is following his dream of establishing JMZ (pronounced JAMS and containing 3 major components of his last name), his clothing and accessories line for men, women and children based on his life of drumming, tattoos and the beautiful people who rock them both.

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