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John Sawicki

STOMP! | United States

John Sawicki has been traveling the world playing drums for the last 15 years.

“I have been blessed with the gift to entertain. STOMP! began in 1997 and still exists in my world. STOMP! is in my heart and always will be. Through the years I have played with all types of artist ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop, Rock, R&B and Funk. I live for all music!”

“Artists played with include, Tommy Lee, Adrian Young, DJ Lethal, 30 Seconds to Mars, Steve Stevens, Street Drum Corps, The Lost and Found Orchestra, Guy Lombardo Big Band and of course STOMP!”

“I have been in 2 movies playing drums and one on the way is STOMP 3D!”

“As a kid I was always banging on stuff no matter where I was. Drums are my world! I share this talent with my father!”

“Places played, all over Europe, Asia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, 2 or three times over. I have been on tour literally for the last 15 years of my life with not too much time off. Traveling and playing for all types of cultures has helped my playing tremendously. Learning the world and the rhythms that come from it are amazing!”

“Drumming has been something I do all the time. Even when I am not physically doing it I am thinking it! Its in my heart and soul! The competition out there is tough and that’s why I choose to remain focused on playing and being the best I can be in life!”

“During my travels I try to stay positive and help others. Playing and making people smile is what I love the most! Let me play a groove, I promise it will make ya dance! My playing is vicious! I look outside the box and use all kinds of junk to make music. I take it seriously and I am extremely passionate and I think people feel that when they hear and watch me perform!”

“As well as kit, I am a body percussionist. Making beats with just your body is an awesome challenge. I thank god, my family, and all my friends for there support!”

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