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Jonno Smyth

Black Tree Vultures | United Kingdom

Jonno Smyth (Born Oct, 1994) is the drummer and founder of British Rock Band “Black Tree Vultures”. Jonno has been playing ever since the age of 13 when he was gifted a drumkit by his grandparents. Growing up on the South Coast, UK Jonno was inspired early in his life after discovering the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin & Queen. These bands having a huge impact on his style and taste while growing up.

Since entering the music industry in late 2013 Jonno has performed in countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland & Luxemburg as well as all across the UK. He has also performed alongside the likes of Status Quo, Y&T, Phil Campbell, The Darkness, Devilskin & Snakecharmer to name just a few.

In late 2017 Jonno formed Black Tree Vultures his own originals band with co-founder Aaron Hammersley. Since its birth in 2017 the band has seen phenomenal growth building serious momentum across the UK & Europe. The band has worked with the likes of Grammy Nominated producer Romesh Dodagoda, Will Maya & John Mitchell.

Establishing themselves as one of the hardest working bands in the Industry and going from strength to strength picking up an array of fans and followers as they go. Jonno has been credited with being the driving force behind the bands work ethic and songwriting, pushing for excellence and improvement with every release.

“I am extremely lucky to have been able to experience the things I have, it's something that I'm grateful for everyday! Being involved within this industry is a passion of mine and it's great to be able to work with such professionals and have them take interest in our music! We are always out on the road and we’re a friendly bunch so if you see myself or any of my guys... please come and say hello.... I’ll see you on the road!”

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Ahead Armor Cases
I wanted to use AHEAD Drumsticks ever since I discovered Metallica, and once I got to use a pair I instantly fell in love with them. The feel and the durability of them is perfect for my style of playing… Not to mention they look super cool! And the AHEAD Armor Cases are some of the best cases out there for protecting your equipment. I have used these cases many times on many different tours, and they never fail me and always keep my drums secure and safe.
Jonno Smyth | Black Tree Vultures
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