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Masato “Pon” Yamaguchi


Masato was born in Hiroshima, Japan.

In 1985 when he was 19 years old, he lived in LA for 1 year and played with KUNI.

Masato then left LA and returned to Japan when the golden age of Heavy Metal had begun in Japan, playing in live houses in Tokyo and Osaka as the drummer of FORT KNOX.

Then as drummer of FEEL SO BAD, which was formed mainly by Dahlia Kawashima, he started his career in the major music scene.

He has been recording ever since. Taking part in Kohshi Inaba and many more projects with his powerful and emotional playing style.

Since 2010, Masato has joined a band called BLIND BIRD, formed by Naoshi Kirishima (EX: TRANSFORMER). He’s been currently working on recording their 3rd album that will be released in Summer 2014. Masato is also supporting NOVELA2014 from Kansai Densetsu, JIMMY 100 from 44 Magnum & Lady’s Room, and THE DYNAMITE JAM.

Masato has been playing all over Japan. He is also a collector of model cars and very dedicated to motor sports.

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Ahead Armor Cases
I started listening to J-Pop/Western Pop Rock when I was 13 and started playing drums at the same time. Since I started drumming, I always had trouble with my drumsticks, and was always seeking a way to play as loud and dynamic as the western drummers since Japanese drummers are not physically as big. My pursuit led me to AHEAD Drumsticks, which make it possible for me to play with balanced, clear sound and response, and better performance. It has been so natural for me to fall in love with AHEAD Drumsticks.
Masato “Pon” Yamaguchi | BLIND BIRD
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