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Masayuki "Ampan" Suzuki


Unlike his current appearance today, Masayuki was a sickly child and spent most of his childhood in a hospital room. When he was in the hospital, he was shocked by the rock music his friends in his room had him listen to. Since then, he decided to be a rock drummer. He started his drum career by playing in thrash/hard core bands in his hometown, Sapporo. He participated bands such as NEGAROBO and SABEL TIGER, which are famous among music fans.

In Summer 2008, he met Akira Takasaki, the lead guitarist of LOUDNESS, and felt sympathy by playing music with him. After that, he became the member of LOUDNESS in 2009, successor of the legendary drummer, Munetaka Higuchi. Inheriting Munetaka’s achievement and intention with great respect, he brought a double bass drum and blast beat which gives new potentials to the band. Because of his powerful drum performance and appearance, oversees he is called SAMURAI. In Japan, he is called Ampan for because of his intimate personality.

In Spring 2015, Masayuki was dissatisfied with conventional drumsticks and had an opportunity to try AHEAD Drumsticks. He started using AHEAD XL Rock Concert Drumsticks for the LOUDNESS EU tour in 2015. He is now refining his powerful drum performance more and more by using AHEAD Drumsticks!

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