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Mercedes Lander

Kittie | Canada

Born in Edmonton, Canada in 1984, Mercedes fell in love with music in first grade. Originally a piano player, she found herself at home behind a drum kit in 1996. The same year, Mercedes co-founded Kittie, an all-girl metal band.

Kittie recorded and released their debut album, Spit, in November 1999 when Mercedes was just 15 years old. The band was nominated for Best New Group at the 2000 Juno Awards, and went on to release five additional albums between 2001 and 2011.

Mercedes formed a new band, The White Swan, in 2016 and they released their first EP in November of the same year. Soon after, the star suffered a debilitating back injury. She credits her time with The White Swan for allowing sufficient space to rehabilitate. Mercedes was able to play guitar and sing for TWS as she learned how to walk, play drums, and live once again.

Kittie reunited in late 2021 for a series of live shows which officially ended their hiatus. In May 2023, the band treated fans to their first new song in 12 years. Another new track followed in early 2024, and Kittie’s first album in 13 years was released xx, 2024. To date, the band boasts over 2 million album sales and millions of streams — and counting.

With a certified-gold album, countless accolades and nominations, tours alongside Grammy award-winning bands, and performances on some of North America’s most coveted stages, one would expect yet another egotistical rockstar.

But Mercedes Lander is the antithesis of every celebrity who grew up in the spotlight.  

“I’m inspired by everyone who listens to my music. I can’t express the gratitude I feel for the people who made my dreams come true.”

Living in Ontario, Canada, Mercedes spends her free time with her gaggle of rescued cats, in her garden, or the one place she’ll always call home: behind her drum kit.


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