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Michael Brush

Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask | United Kingdom

‪Michael Brush was born in Rugby, England in 1985 and has been playing drums since 1995. Initially taking lessons he quickly learned the basics and started to teach himself by listening to rock records and playing along to them. In 2000 he started gigging with local bands learning the craft of performing live. Since 2010 Michael has performed on headlining tours of the USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.‬

As of 2014 Michael became the drummer for Belgian Neo-Classical speed metallers MAGIC KINGDOM. Signed to AFM Records, his debut album for the band is "Savage Requiem" which was released worldwide in March 2015. As of 2015, Michael is also performing with Iron Mask from Belgium. ‬

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Ahead Armor Cases
AHEAD sticks are the Excalibur of drum sticks. The ROCK model has the perfect balance that I need to be playing power metal. Every pair is very consistent in weight and feel. They are incredibly durable which is exactly what I need on tour.
Michael Brush | Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask
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