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Misiek Slusarski

Exlibris | Poland

Fascinated with music since early childhood, a collector of records and live concert enthusiast, Misiek started playing drums in 1997 but had learned the guitar and keyboards before that. Playing his first gig back in high school made him realize it was what he wanted to do for life. In his career as a drummer he played a few hundred shows with various Warsaw-based rock and metal bands, sometimes contributing also as a lyricist.

For the last 6 years a permanent member of Exlibris, a rising star of the Polish heavy metal scene.

A proper family man at home, but one step outside (sometimes not even that) is enough to wake up the Rock ’n' Roll animal inside. Always eager to share a conversation, a drink, a hug (ladies only) and to sweat and hit stuff on stage.

Besides music, Misiek is involved in professional video production and post-production.

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