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Ryuichi “Dragon” Nishida


Ryuichi “Dragon” Nishida was born in Kobe, Japan, and started play drums at the age of 15. He entered the progressive rock band NOVELA at the age of 18, debuting the bands 4th major album with King Records, titled “Sanctuary”. Then in 1987, Ryuichi formed the progressive rock band VIENNA, and later gained a reputation in 1989 with the hard rock band ACTION.

Ryuichi started drumming for the rock band “Ra:IN” of PATA(X-JAPAN) in 2014, followed by providing drum support for the rock band “PUNISH” of SHARA (EARTHSHAKER) in 2017, and the rock band “LOUDNESS” in 2018.

Ryuichi also works as an independent drummer for studio and live projects.

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Ahead Armor Cases
I began playing AHEAD Drumsticks in 2019, and my first impression of the sticks was the nice power sound and stick control they provided with less effort. I love playing my AHEAD Drumsticks for recording and live performances.
Ryuichi “Dragon” Nishida | Ra:IN, PUNISH, LOUDNESS
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