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Sasha Horn

Forbidden | United States

Sasha Horn is a thirty-five year old drummer from Chicago, Illinois that has been playing the drums since the age of three. The passion to play has been passed down to him from generation to generation, as his father and grandfather were also dedicated drummers. It seemed inevitable that Sasha would one day follow in those same footsteps, and it just so happened that he found his path sooner than later. Receiving his first drum set before he could form complete sentences, he discovered a path of true expression and hasn't looked back since. The years that followed saw Sasha take the throne for many bands in the Rock and Metal genres, resulting in writing, recording, touring both nationally and internationally, and earning respect among his peers.

In 2008, he joined The End Records artists, Novembers Doom and These Are They, recording two albums for each outfit. Those endeavors were well received, and brought his playing to a worldwide audience. In 2011, the band Trials' album Witness To The Downfall was officially released to worldwide acclaim, due in part to Sasha's writing and recording contributions to the record in 2009. Most recently, he had accepted positions in the Portugal-based, Gothic/Doom Metal band, Ava Inferi (Season Of Mist Records) as well as with Bay Area Thrash Metal legends, Forbidden (Nuclear Blast Records). In the case of Forbidden specifically, Sasha went up against one-hundred other drummers from around the world in what would come to be known as the "Forbidden Drummer Search 2011". His chemistry with the band and sheer ability as a player were unmatched, and he was announced the unequivocal winner.

Visit his website ( to get a more in-depth look at his career this far, complete with audio, video, and resume.

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Sasha Horn | Forbidden
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