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Tolga Ergin

Darkphase | Turkey

Founder – Drummer and songwriter of Turkish speed/thrash metal band Darkphase. Born in 1975, Tolga Ergin formed Turkish speed/thrash metal band Darkphase in 1989 in Ankara, where there were no more than 30 metal bands in all around the country.

In 1990, after recording a demo, the band shared stage along many elder bands, however Darkphase were playing faster, stronger and better than all. In 1991, a rare example of quality demo recording was introduced to Turkish scene, with the band’s second studio demo “end of lunacy” which soon proved to be the first steps of success, as the band appeared more than 300 underground zines. The demo was sent to USA, Europe and Far Eastern countries (available only in tapes at that time) and distributors from USA and Germany began distributing the demo. After all, the band began playing infront of thousands in arenas.

Darkphase recorded the legendary Turkish thrash metal album “waning moon setting sun” in 1994 and this album sold more than 21.000 copies in 4 editions, one of which was a re-release in 2001 thanks to heavy demand from fans. In 1996, as another pioneering activity in Turkish metal music history, the band played in London and became the first ever Turkish heavy-metal band to play a solo show in England. Due to obligatory military services of the members of the band, Darkphase stayed away from stage for a while, but the 2000’s were all years for live shows for the band. After some promo cd releases, in 2006 the band released another album “darphane”. A 3D sensational videoclip was released from the album where all the band members were represented as LEGOs and the band shared stage with international bands such as MSG and co-headlined an international festival with Tankard.

2009 is the band’s 20th anniversary in metal music scene and Darkphase announced a new album with the concept of “back to the roots” and playing faster, harder and more aggressive than ever with “success doesn’t always makes you soft” motto!

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