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Vijit Singh

Kryptos, Regicide | India

Vijit is an acclaimed metal drummer hailing from Bangalore, India who has etched his mark in the music scene through his powerful rhythms and passionate performances. Growing up in a defense family, his childhood aspirations naturally leaned towards following in his parents' footsteps. However, everything changed in 2011 when Metallica graced Indian soil. The live performance was a game-changer, a seismic shift that redirected his ambitions. Suddenly, the dream of donning the uniform was replaced by a burning desire to emulate the musical legends who had set his spirit ablaze.

His fascination with metal music and the drums burgeoned, fueled by a profound admiration for the genre's intensity and energy. The pivotal moment arrived during a live concert in Pune, where Vijit was spellbound by Kryptos, the iconic heavy metal band considered pioneers in India's metal landscape. Inspired and driven by this experience, he resolved to channel his dedication towards becoming a live musician.

Determined to merge his academic pursuits with his musical passion, Vijit ventured to Bangalore, renowned as the metal capital of India, for higher studies. His aspirations materialized when he formed Regicide, a revered old-school death metal band based in Bangalore, in 2017. The EP "As Skin Turns To Flesh," released in 2019, followed by the subsequent sub-continental tour of India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal marked a significant milestone in his musical career.

Vijit's devotion to his craft led to a dream come true in 2019 when Kryptos asked him to fill in for their "Feel the Heat - European Tour 2019." This remarkable opportunity allowed him to tour Europe for the first time alongside his favorite band, an experience that solidified his commitment to the metal life.

His tenure with Kryptos flourished further as he contributed to their album "Force of Danger," released in 2021, and accompanied the band on three subsequent European tours. As the band prepares for the release of their 7th Studio Album in 2024, Vijit's unwavering dedication continues to steer him towards new horizons.

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