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Vitor Vidaut

Tunnel Vision | Brazil

Brazilian Drummer, Vitor Vidaut started playing drums at 9 years old. At the age of 13, he began to perform and record not only drums, but also guitar, acoustic guitar and bass in his bedroom using a 4-channel tape recorder. At 18, Vitor was already working in the studio as an audio engineer and music producer.  During his career, Vitor has always played and produced many bands performing many different styles. At the age of 23, Vitor graduated from The College of Recording Techniques and Phonographic Production. Passionate about music and its different styles, Vitor played for 16 years in Maldita, a classic metal/industrial band. Recording and mixing most of Maldita’s albums, Vitor also composed 80% of the music. During this time, Vitor also played with Gerson King Combo, one of the biggest names in Brazilian funk music. In January 2022, Vitor Vidaut moved to California to perform with the band Tunnel Vision.

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