"FLIX have put a much greater range of sounds in my stick bag!" - Studio Drummer, USA

At FLIX , we manufacture a superb range of fiber drumsticks and drum brushes each carefully developed to produce it's own unique combination of sound, balance & dynamic effect!

Covering the entire musical spectrum from Jazz, through Pop, Country, Latin and Ethnic to Heavy Rock, FLIX Products are the first choice of many studio, session and show drummers seeking to add a significant new dimension to their playing.

"I can get greater dynamic range & make more exaggerated movements without the drown-out I would get from the usual wood sticks." Clune - with David Gray, UK.


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Products - Brushes

FLIX Brushes have superb 'feel' and balance and employ a range of fibers specifically selected from various materials for their weight, flexibility and durability.

FLIX should not be confused with cheap fiber, far-east imports.

Classic: Our most recent addition to the Flix range designed to meet and even surpass the qualities of the best wire brush. Specially selected fine flexible, and durable fibers, push-pull retraction and covered extra-long handles have created a superbly balanced 'traditional' style brush - a true 'Classic' and already a favorite with many brush specialists and tutors.

Cymbal Zing Pin: Our Classic Brush features a Cymbal Zing Pin.

Jazz: Exceptionally resilient fibers, superb balance, light fast response and surprising cymbal clarity, combine to satisfy the full range of technical expression.

Rock: Similar in balance and dynamic facility to the Jazz brush, but with 60% more fibers producing more 'punch' from greater weight.

Brite: Probably the World's loudest brush! Certainly Brite will enable you to use brushes in situations where previously they would have been completely 'dead'. Brite create a hard, driving sound with tremendous presence all round the kit.

Important: The fiber fan on all FLIX brushes can be spread to suit your individual preference. Also, as fibers are retractable, FLIX brushes can be played with fibers set to a choice of length to achieve different sounds and 'feel'


Products - Sticks

Flix Sticks: Our thick, resilient fibers and adjustable tone rings produce a superb range of "unplugged" sounds. Try a different ring setting on each hand.

Orange: Simply our most popular product. Drummers, world-wide have discovered just how versatile, subtle and expressive our Orange Stick can be. Orange Sticks have featured on the American Country Music Awards, David Gray's 'White Ladder' album, and hundreds of other shows and albums.



Black: A heavier stick, with thicker fibers, produced to meet the demand for a louder, harder, sounding stick. Increasingly popular.


Fluorescent: Exactly the same as our Orange Stick, Fluorescent are available in Yellow and Pink (Orange Fluorescent) and were produced for on-stage use with a UV canon or round-the-kit UV spots for 'Clune' on David Gray's second World Tour. Totally sensational on a darkened stage, Fluo. Sticks are made available by popular demand.


Products - Tips

FLIX Tips : We all know what sticks, brushes and rods sound like, but have you heard FLIX Tips? They're different!

With a unique, flat, funky sound the flexible fibers, carefully selected tips and adjustable tone rings produce a wide range of dynamic effects. At high volume, unlike other brushes and rods, FLIX Tips retain drive and control with a strong, clear response all round the kit.

Tips Yellow (Light) : Producing a light, tight sound, Tips Yellow can accent and punctuate without overpowering. Superb for ethnic and Latin applications, including timbales.


Tips Blue (Medium) : Similar to our popular Orange Fiber Sticks, but with a small tip for sharper response from snare and cymbals. (Also available in fluorescent yellow.)


Tips Fluorescent Red (Heavy) :
Enthusiastically received by several "major" names, Tips Heavy lay down a solid, "flat" sound. No need to reach for sticks in those louder passages!


Tips Black (Rock) : Used by several heavy rock drummers for a hard driving sound. 'A total blast'.

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