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Aquarian Drumheads Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head


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Category: Bass Drum Heads

Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head

Part # Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head


The Superkick I (SKI) is a clear, 10mil single-ply bass drum head with an added Superkick ring that controls resonance, enhances low-end, and delivers a well-defined, focused attack. The patented "Floating Muffling System" uses a narrow band of acoustic felt for a pre-dampened, yet natural sound. The felt moves and "breathes" with the drumhead while eliminating unwanted hi-end frequencies and boosting low-end punch.

Aquarian Drumheads Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head


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Since 1980, Aquarian co-owners, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez and the A-Team have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer. To this day, we at Aquarian continue to invent, innovate and explore cutting-edge technologies for the creative drummer, but our unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.
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Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head

Product Features

Often imitated, never duplicated, the Superkick line of bass drumheads is an industry best seller and a favorite among those drummers, drum techs, and recording engineers who want a musical, controlled bass drum sound without the use of blankets, pillows or external muffling.

All Superkick models deliver superior bass drum tone control without all the extra work. Available in 14"-28" sizes for use with standard bass drum hoops.

Micro SKI MODELS in 14”,15”,16” and 18” sizes can be purchased with optional METAL TOM HOOP SPEC for use with Tom-to Bass-Drum conversions and as Tom or Snare Drum Batter head!

  • Clear 10mil Single Ply Nu-Brite film for Pure Tone
  • Floating Muffle Ring for Resonance Control
  • Safe-T-Loc Hoops for "Pull-Free" performance
  • Available in Clear or White Texture Coated Models
Super Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head

Technical Specifications

Part NumberSuper Kick I Clear Bass Drum Head
Rogers Logo Coated White Batter Bass Drum Head
Rogers Drums
$47.25 – $51.45
Rogers Large Logo Coated White Resonant Bass Drum Head
Rogers Drums
$49.35 – $53.55
Black Reso Head with 2 Chrome 6 inch Oval Ports
Bass Drum O's
$44.84 – $49.99