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Logjam Travel Log


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Category: Stomp Boxes

Travel Log

Part # LJTL


MSRP $173.00

Made to the same high standard as all our other stompers, The Travelog 2 has a greatly improved output compared with the original unit owing to the modified chamber and capsule position.

Logjam Travel Log


Out of stock

*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

LogJam Stompers are incredibly useful instrument for drummers, percussionists, singer-songwriters and guitarists alike. These acoustic stomp boxes feature a hollowed-out chamber that create warm and pleasing percussive timbres when plugged directly in to a P.A. or Amp. Dubbed “The Bass Drum in a Box”, the portability and road-worthiness of LogJam Instruments is unmatched.
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Travel Log

Product Features

Weighing in at a mere 350 grams the Travelog 2 is a handy travel companion and will easily fit into the accessories compartment of any average guitar case (eg. Hiscox). Our stompers aren’t digital sample players.They are truly responsive analog instruments.

  • Hand-made from certificated Sapele in the UK.
  • Light,and portable.
  • Features a brand new tough rubber base.
  • Neutrik output socket as standard.
Travel Log

Technical Specifications

CategoryStomp Boxes
Part NumberLJTL