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Tackle Instrument Supply Co Leather Cymbal Washers


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Leather Cymbal Washers

Part # Leather Cymbal Washers


Leather cymbal washer set consists of either 2 or 4 pieces per pack. Each washer is 2ply leather 1 ply wool felt -approx. 1/2" thick.

Tackle Instrument Supply Co Leather Cymbal Washers


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

At Tackle Instrument Supply, we understand that the relationships musicians forge with their gear is a sacred one and we seek to help protect and further that connection through high-quality, thoughtfully designed cases and accessories. Inspired by the heritage cases from bygone eras, Tackle goods maintain the classic, simple aesthetic of those early designs but with the integrity and durability of modern production.
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Leather Cymbal Washers

Technical Specifications

Part NumberLeather Cymbal Washers
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