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X Percussion X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle


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Category: Cymbal Sizzlers

X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle



The X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle from X Percussion is a fully customizable cymbal sizzler that will enhance your cymbal sound and add a variety of complex tonal textures to your ride, crash, hi-hat, and china cymbals. The 3 independent effects, two different sizzle chains and a set of jingles, can be interchanged and used individually or combined to create an endless combination of tones from your cymbal. The ultra-strong Neodymium magnetic washer makes it easy to securely remove any or all of the chains/jingles off of the cymbal surface, so you can quickly turn your sizzle effects on and off. The X-MAG is another great addition to your bag of tricks – just simply replace the felt on any cymbal with this Cymbal Sizzle, and get your groove on!

X Percussion X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle


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Established in 2020, X Percussion is the brainchild of two industry giants: Russ Miller, a multi-Grammy-winning drummer globally recognized as a top session and touring artist for over 25 years, and Bill Detamore, renowned drum builder and the visionary behind Pork Pie Drums, a custom drum and accessory manufacturer since 1987. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to offer players USA-made, innovative instruments and accessories that spark creativity and enhance the sound of your drum kit. Russ's journey to founding X Percussion was shaped by decades of experience, from his early days of doing sales, design and repairs in drum shops, to contributing to the development of over 80 products with industry giants like Mapex, Vic Firth, and Yamaha. In early 2020, he then revisited his past product ideas, rekindling his entrepreneurial spirit and leading to the establishment of X Percussion and the introduction of their flagship product the X-Click Cross Stick Enhancer, a perfected version of Russ’s famous "Groove-Wedge”.
More About This Brand
X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle

Product Features

  • Fits any size cymbal 16" in diameter or larger
  • Ultra-strong Neodymium magnetic washer holds effect chains off of the playing surface when not needed
  • Universal cymbal felt under the magnetic washer protects the cymbal
  • Includes a set of dual-steel jingles and two different-sized beaded chains
  • Made in the USA
X-MAG Cymbal Sizzle

Technical Specifications

Part NumberGRV-XMSIZ
10 inch Sizzle Chain
Tackle Instrument Supply Co
Adjustable Sizzle Chain
Tackle Instrument Supply Co