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Anders Aberg

Sparzanza | Sweden

Anders Åberg (born January 7, 1977 in Sweden) began to play the drums at age 13. After trying different kind of sports, he tried to play drums and got hooked immediately.

Born and raised in the dark forest of Sweden, there was not much else to do than to play and rehearse. He pretty much lived in the drum room during the school time.

In 1996 he started the band Sparzanza with a couple of friends. Since then the band has released 8 studio albums and has toured pretty much all over Europe and even China.

His inspiration comes from drummers like Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl, Phil Rudd and Dave Lombardo.

He also has a big interest in art and paint abstract acrylic paintings.

Anders plays and endorses Paiste Cymbals and AHEAD Drumsticks.

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