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Aquarian Drumheads Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head


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Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head

Part # Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head



The Hi-Performance Snare Head is an ultra-responsive (3mil) single-ply snare-side drumhead with a twist: the HPSN has reinforced strips of a proprietary power-weave material where the snare wire ends rest on the head.

Aquarian Drumheads Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head


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Since 1980, Aquarian co-owners, Roy Burns and Ron Marquez and the A-Team have been inventing, innovating and exploring new sounds and tools for the serious drummer. To this day, we at Aquarian continue to invent, innovate and explore cutting-edge technologies for the creative drummer, but our unceasing passion is about the sound of the drum.
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Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head

Product Features

This extra protection helps to prevent tears due to punctures from broken snare wires.

The Patented Aquarian Safe-T-Lok hoop and Sound Collar design makes for easy tune-ups and helps improve the sound and performance of any snare drum.

  • Ultra-Responsive 3mil film
  • Puncture-proof reinforced POWER WEAVE STRIPS
  • "NO PULL"Safe-t-Lok hoop design
Hi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head

Technical Specifications

Part NumberHi-Performance Snare Side Drum Head
R-Class Cristal Snare Drum Tune-Up Kit
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