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Dunnett Classic Drums R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head


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R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head

Part # R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head


One of the things Dunnett discusses in his workshops are snare beds. He does this because he believes there is a distinct lack of understanding with the snare effect and how it functions on a modern snare drum. One of the most important aspects of that snare effect is the snare side head. Dunnett emphasizes that the snare side head is not a resonant head in the traditional sense of the term. Dunnett designed the R-Class Cristal snare side heads specifically to optimize the snare effect on any snare drum.

Dunnett Classic Drums R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head


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R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head

Product Features

The Dunnett R-Class Cristal snare side head is made from R-film, a proprietary hyperclear film with unique and extremely durable tensile properties. The film is pre-formed and then securely captured in a 2 piece aluminum coupling hoop to prevent pull out failure at even the highest tensions. Those properties combine with virtually any snare set to provide exceptional snare response and markedly increased clarity and sensitivity.

  • Durable hyperclear film
  • Optimizes the snare effect on any snare drum
  • Increases clarity and sensitivity
  • 14 inches in diameter
R-Class Cristal Snare Side Head

Technical Specifications

Part NumberR-Class Cristal Snare Side Head
DIAMETER14 inches