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Bass Plate Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser


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Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser

Part # Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser


Bass Plate is a dock for the bass drum pedal. It attaches to the drum (under two lugs), improves the drum sound, and offers lateral pedal adjustability.

Bass Plate Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser


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Bass Plate from Burns Engineering frees the pedal from a fixed position at the center of the drum to create a fuller sound and a wider range of positioning options. With Bass Plate’s exclusive combination of lateral positioning and sound enhancement, players are not only be able to take their drumming in a new direction, they’re able to take it to a higher level.
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Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser

Product Features

Positioning & Tone Control
The balance of tone and attack in a bass drum’s sound is determined by the place where the beater strikes the drumhead. As this location moves away from the center of the head, tone increases and attack decreases. In the past, the only way of changing this mix was adjusting the beater vertically which also altered the pedal’s action.

Lateral Adjustability
Bass Plate’s flat, horizontal clamping area gives drummers a wide range of places to position the pedal. This lateral adjustability is a revolutionary, new way to change where the beater strikes the drumhead. Now, the beater’s height, which affects the pedal’s feel and power, and the beater’s striking point, which affects the drum’s sound and projection, can be adjusted independently.

Sound Enhancement
In addition to giving drummers a new way to control their sound, Bass Plate’s patented design also offers them a new way to enhance it. Since conventional pedal-to-hoop clamping can noticeably reduce the bass drum’s resonance and low-end, using Bass Plate frees the pedal from the hoop and restores the fullness of the drum’s sound.

Security & Stability
Bass Plate’s wider, flatter clamping surface sits directly under the hoop— without protruding— where it allows horizontal pedal positioning and creates a wider base for increased stability and balance. With the Bass Plate securely attached to the drum and the pedal securely attached to Bass Plate’s rubber clamping area, drummers can play confidently without worrying about pedal-todrum separation or damage to their bass drum or bass drum hoop

Ease of Use
Currently available for 22˝ bass drums (and soon in models to fit 18, 20 and 24˝ drums), Bass Plate is easy to install and requires no drilling or additional hardware. It attaches quickly and easily using the same screws and holes that the hold the two bottom back tension lugs on the drum. The device also features rubber strips protect the drum’s finish, fits perfectly into standard hard and soft cases and is compatible with most popular single and double bass drum pedals.

Bass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser

Technical Specifications

Part NumberBass Drum Pedal Dock/Riser
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