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Tackle by Dragonfly Big Softy Bass Drum Beater


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Big Softy Bass Drum Beater

Part # TBDBS


Tackle Instrument Supply and Dragonfly Percussion have once again teamed up to create The Big Softy- the biggest and softest bass drum beater on the planet. Like Dragonfly’s other popular beaters, The Big Softy is constructed of tightly stacked layers of fabric on a threaded brass stem. The Big Softy sports 3” discs of soft, fluffy flannel, resulting in a huge bass response. Because the beater has no core- only the layers of fleece, there is almost no attack. This beater has a ton of give against the head, and feels as luscious as it sounds. If you want to transform the sound of your kick into something totally new with maximum, full-bodied lows and virtually no contact sound- look no further than the Big Softy.

Tackle by Dragonfly Big Softy Bass Drum Beater


*All orders fulfilled by local drum shops.

The incredibly creative minds at Tackle Instrument Supply Company and Dragonfly Percussion have now collaborated to create some of the most innovative percussion implements to hit the shelves in recent years. Borrowing from the Viennese tradition of vertically stacking multiple layers of fabric to create a durable striking surface, Tackle by Dragonfly has created warm and engaging timbres that were previously unavailable to the drum set crowd.
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Big Softy Bass Drum Beater

Technical Specifications

Part NumberTBDBS
Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater
Dragonfly Percussion