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Dragonfly Percussion Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater


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Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater

Part # KDF


MSRP $74.99

With 50 layers of soft flannel, this beater is warm, soft and beautiful. It is far more responsive and consistent through all dynamics than a lamb’s wool beater. Soft, but with an audible attack at super soft dynamics, warm and round, even when playing super loud. For the most legato and elegant kick drum sound, this is your beater.

Dragonfly Percussion Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater


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Dragonfly Percussion has been designing and manufacturing mallets used in the world’s top orchestras for 20 years. Now they’ve brought that attention to timbre and their innovative designs to the drum set world with a new line of kick drum beaters. Adapted from a Viennese-style of timpani mallets, these new beaters are constructed of tightly stacked discs of flannel, canvas and leather. The full-bodied, warm sound and responsive feel is unlike anything else you’ve tried.
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Soft Flannel Kick Drum Beater

Technical Specifications

Part NumberKDF
Big Softy Bass Drum Beater
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